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Here's Why You'll be Happy You Chose Hope Villa B&B as your Accommodation at The Heads!

Posted by Tessa on Wed September 30, 2020 in Hope Villa News.

Think of Knysna and what do you think of? The Heads, Knysna lagoon, oysters, beautiful beaches, forests, perhaps East Head Café? Then look no further because Hope Villa ticks all those boxes!

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Dear Winter, it's time for you to leave!

Posted by Tessa on Fri September 6, 2019 in Hope Villa News.

We are always so excited for your arrival which brings longer nights, more rain, green grass, happy frogs, the Knysna Oyster Festival, boots and jackets, soups and red wine and roaring fires in the Hope Villa lounge. But your arrival at Hope Villa also means that Europeans stay in Europe to enjoy their summer, and South Africans go into hibernation. This of course gives us the opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and relax. But enough already! We’ve been there, done that and now we look forward to welcoming your sister Summer back for a couple of months. We are sure you won’t be offended by my writing this letter to you.

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A Knysna Bed & Breakfast with Historic Value: Digging Deeper into Hope Villa's Heritage

Posted by Tessa on Mon October 12, 2015 in Hope Villa News.

The present piece of land on which the Hope Villa building stands on is today known as Knysna Erf 4869. However, this wasn’t always the case...

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Marvellous Muffins!

Posted by Tessa on Tue May 6, 2014 in Hope Villa News.

For me there is nothing better for breakfast than a warm savoury muffin served with lashings of butter...

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It's a Bird's Life at Hope Villa

Posted by Tessa on Thu April 3, 2014 in Hope Villa News.

The call of the Cape Robin. Morning has broken at Hope Villa.

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