Dear Winter, it's time for you to leave!

Posted by Tessa on Fri September 6, 2019 in Hope Villa News.

We are always so excited for your arrival which brings longer nights, more rain, green grass, happy frogs, the Knysna Oyster Festival, boots and jackets, soups and red wine and roaring fires in the Hope Villa lounge. But your arrival at Hope Villa also means that Europeans stay in Europe to enjoy their summer, and South Africans go into hibernation. This of course gives us the opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and relax. But enough already! We’ve been there, done that and now we look forward to welcoming your sister Summer back for a couple of months. We are sure you won’t be offended by my writing this letter to you.

We are hoping that Summer gets here soon – she’s welcome to come early this year.  We are looking forward to sharing braais, G&T’s, salads, summer dresses and balmy evenings together on the front verand whilst catching up on the last couple of months.  But in the meantime please let her see these photos so that she is up-to-date on what has been going on at Hope Villa while she has been away.  You can tell her that the signs of her imminent arrival are already here – the weaver birds are frantically building (and re-building!) their nests next to the pool, Robbie (the Cape Robin in case she has forgotten) has already had a baby and Mrs P the Pigeon is currently sitting on two eggs!  When you speak to her please tell her to bring her warm and happy face and laughter because we love to make our guests happy.

You can show her the photo of the baby robin that I had to re-unite with its mom after it tumbled from the nest the other day.  I think she thought she could fly but didn’t realise that she needed stronger wings before that would happen!  Summer will be really jealous that you got to see the Cape Eagle Owl that spent many days in the milkwood trees outside the back this winter.  The drongos and the other birds were totally unhappy with her being here but she was not in the least concerned with the constant verbal abuse that the other birds subjected her to!  Every evening she opened her big yellow eyes and started preening her feathers in preparation for her flight into the night.  It was a privilege to have her with us!  The little mouse that is pictured was one I rescued one morning from the pool.  Fortunately I got to her just in time and after warming her up in my hands for a while I released her into the garden and she scuttled away.  Our aloes have just finished flowering and the clivias are coming into bloom.  They always add such vibrancy to the garden and this shows us that your time with us is almost over.  Our cats Ratty and Mousey are also excited about the arrival of Summer.  She always spoils them so much with her warm rays and longer days!  They can’t wait to spend long hours in the garden sunning themselves.

Please send our regards to Europe when you get there.  And spread the word that if anyone is looking for warm weather, sunny days and a special home-away-from-home bed and breakfast accommodation experience, Hope Villa B&B is waiting with open arms!  We offer affordable bed and breakfast accommodation at Knysna Heads, just a short stroll away from the lagoon and a lovely little beach which is ideal for summer lagoon swims.  For the more active traveller we have a kayak that can be used to experience the lagoon from a different perspective.  And to end the action-packed day, guests can take a dip in our swimming pool to rinse the saltwater off after a day in the sun and sand!

‘Till next year…

Your Hope Villa Family

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