The Hope Villa Kids

Posted by Tessa on Tue March 18, 2014 in Hope Villa News.

Okay so we live in beautiful Knysna, and we have a beautiful house. What more could we want? Oh yes, and we have two beautiful kids. Well, perhaps not kids like your kids. Ours are furry, walk on all fours and speak a funny language. And like all proud parents, we like to document our kids lives. So let me introduce you to Mousey and Ratty. By the way, they chose us – we didn’t choose them...

Mousey got her name because when I found her as a small kitten her white face reminded me of the little mouse in the movie “Stuart Little”.  She has exceptionally short legs so cannot jump up onto things or climb trees (which is rather comforting for a neurotic cat-mom like me).  We met late one night when I rescued her out of a tree.  (Mmmm - might that also be one of the reasons she hasn’t ever tried to climb trees again?)

Ratty on the other hand is brave, jumps to any height and climbs trees.  She moved in with us when she realised there was more to life than a household of barking dogs and raucous house-parties.  And her name – well it just had to be.

Not to be forgotten is our “laatlammetjie” – Speedy.  Speedy is a Wagtail and the cats are still trying to accept that they are not allowed to eat family members.  Speedy chose us too – possibly because sometimes she prefers to eat the grated cheese we feed her than insects.  And when she has babies she brings them to us too and they all eat grated cheese together!

Yes, we love our beautiful kids!

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