A Saturday Morning "Must"

Posted by Tessa on Sat June 7, 2014 in Things to do in and around Knysna!.

Despite the early morning temperature of 4 degrees in Knysna this morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed early to accomplish our Saturday Morning Mission...

Those of you familiar with the Garden Route will either have heard of, or visited, the Wild Oats Farmers Market on the outskirts of Sedgefield.  No matter the season, this renowned market is always busy!  A lot of locals visit every week to stock up on farm fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, butter and cottage cheese.  These all lovingly made by the local farmers.  Somehow everything looks more tempting than what one finds in the local shops!  If it is breakfast you are after, there are numerous mouth-watering options.  For a more traditional breakfast, the Farmers Breakfast stall serves soft rolls filled with creamy scrambled eggs, or boerewors rolls, or egg rolls.  Grab your plate and a cappucino and sit in the sun while you enjoy watching the passers-by!  Or you can find pancakes, wraps, German Bratwurst, Belgian Waffles, cakes, pies, vetkoek – the list goes on – whatever your taste you can be sure to find something to satisfy the early morning craving!  And if you are planning a “snacky” lunch, you will find everything and more than you need!  Fresh speciality breads, homemade cheeses, jams, preserves, pates, sauces, salad dressings, salamis.  Remember everything is homemade and probably a lot of it organic produce.  It is a “foodies” paradise!

We just went to browse the market but inevitably ended up buying things that we had no intention of buying – just because everything looks so special!  We found a stall selling German produce – wursts, leberkase, cold meats and Friedel’s all-time favourite “spek”.  His lunch is sorted!  There are also stalls selling fresh-cut flowers, plants and herbs. The other section of the extensive market is more crafty.  Beads, clothing, decor items, leather goods.

So put Wild Oats Market on your list of things to do when next in Knysna!  Just remember to go there with an empty stomach, an empty basket, a full wallet and plenty of time!  And be there early to avoid disappointment!

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