A Knysna Bed & Breakfast with Historic Value: Digging Deeper into Hope Villa's Heritage

Posted by Tessa on Mon October 12, 2015 in Hope Villa News.

The present piece of land on which the Hope Villa building stands on is today known as Knysna Erf 4869. However, this wasn’t always the case...

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Drupkelders Trail

Posted by Tessa on Tue May 19, 2015 in Things to do in and around Knysna!.

We like to use the quieter winter weeks constructively, to educate ourselves on Knysna and its surrounds! Today’s educational was to walk the trail to the Drupkelders mountain pools!

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Totties Farm Kitchen on Knysna's Rheenendal Ramble

Posted by Tessa on Mon March 23, 2015 in Things to do in and around Knysna!.

Totties is situated 15 kilometres along the Rheenendal road, close to the Millwood area where there have been recent sightings of the Knysna elephants as well as sightings of fresh dung and tree damage.

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Robberg - "Cape Point" of the Garden Route

Posted by Tessa on Sun March 15, 2015 in Things to do in and around Knysna!.

The fynbos-covered Robberg Peninsula is a marine protected area and a national monument. This nature reserve is often referred to as the “Cape Point” of the Garden Route.

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Hope Villa's Favourite Knysna Eateries!

Posted by Tessa on Sat September 27, 2014 in Knysna News and Events.

There is nothing worse than trying a new restaurant and ending up being disappointed, so I thought I would give you some of our favourite Knysna eateries, from a local’s perspective!

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